Eclipse 2010 NXE Pack Roman 4+3 / 3+2

Planet Eclipse NXE 2010 Paintball Harness

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Working in partnership with the industries leading pack manufacturer
NXE, Eclipse is proud to present the new Eclipse Pack design with a reduced
velcro closure size allowing for a more comfortable fit yet it remains
secure and retains its durability; A redesigned lumbar support panel
ensures a quality fit with less pack slip! You can increase the
capacity of your pack using the elasicated pot loops from either a 3 to
a 3+2 or 4 to 4+3, also the side pot extenders can be utilised to add
up-to a further 4 pots giving you a total of 11 pots from a standard 4
pot configuration. For all types of play the Eclipse Pack is the only
choice for great features and extendibility!


+ Smaller more comfortable velcro closure

+ More durable lumbar support

+ Elasticated pot ejection system

+ Pot extenders loops increase pack capacity

+ Side extenders loops add a further 4 pods

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