Dye Ultralite Trigger Frame for PM7


Revolutionary 45 Frame for the Matrix Series of markers….

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Introducing the most advanced and revolutionary 45 frame available in the world
of paintball. The Ultralite 45 Frame is a culmination of professional player’s
influence mixed with progressive technological engineering. The new hour-glass
shape allows for maximum control and comfort. Integrated head-up display LED
light alerts you to the status of you marker without having to take your eyes
off of the game. Our roller bearing trigger offers complete and total adjustment,
helping you find your trigger’s sweet spot. We’ve incorporated a bomb-proof
button design. Our new rubber inset button tray houses two stainless steel buttons
that allow the simplest of control, even with gloves on.


  • Will fit any Dye or Proto Marker including DM4, DM5, DM6, DM7, DMC, PM5, PM6, PM7, PMR

  • Includes smoke sticky grips

  • New circuit board, with legal PSP, Millennium and NPPL software.



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Weight 6 lbs


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