Dye Rotor Quick Feed 6.0

Dye Rotor Quick Feed 6.0

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Dye Rotor Quick Feed 6.0


The Dye Rotor Quick Feed 6.0 has been improved for consistent and reliable performance. Integrated into the Quick Feed are stronger materials that will keep the Quick Feed durable but also flexible. The Quick Feed system replaces the traditional loader lid and allows for one to fill their hopper without having to open a lid. It allows paintballs to freely enter into your Dye Rotor but prevents them from falling out!


Installation is quick and simple as the Quick Feed 6.0 system installs between the top shell and the carrier. Simply unscrew the carrier screws on the underside of the top shell, place the Quick Feed 6.0 in position, and secure it in place by re-installing the carrier back onto the top shell. The Quick Feed 6.0 system is the answer for those looking for the best way to reload and stay in the game.

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