Dye NT11 Paintball Gun 2011

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Dye NT11 Paintball Gun 2011

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  • Weight 1.6lbs.
  • Stock Ultralite14 inch barrel.
  • Next Generation spool valve
  • Boost Forward Technology controls the speed of the bolt through its cycle, providing a gentle push of the ball at the beginning to minimize ball breakage, and increased speed later to maximize efficiency and consistency
  • Automatic valve shutoff
  • Solenoid spool minimizes air usage and air travel allowing the NT to function with a dwell of only 6 milliseconds.
  • Lower standard operating pressure of 125psi
  • Super-flexible detents prevent breakage
  • At 290 fps the NT11 will generate 1500 to 1700 shots, depending on bolt configuration.
  • NT’s efficiency, recoil, and sound signature can be modified to the users exact performance needs, by adjusting the bolt kit’s shot chamber volume and air flow
  • Ultralite airport has deep cuts that keeps it as light as possible,
  • Color Coded O-Rings
  • Ultralite Reach Trigger
  •  2ND Generation Ultralite frame
  • High intensity LED 
  • Metal Power Buttons
  • Hyper3 regulator
  • Cam Lock Feed Neck 
  • Tool-less Sticky Grip and contact pads
  • Faster processing, and more accurate ROF control

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Weight 1 lbs

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