Dye C5 Paintball Elbow Pads


The Dye Elbow Pads are a must. These pads won t slip and will save your forearms from scratches…

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Let’s face it, your elbows and forearms can take some abuse while playing paintball.  That is why we continuously strive to develop the best possible form of elbow protection.  These pads can survive the toughest abuse and look cool doing it.


  • Vented inner arm material keeps the pad tight against your skin to protect from turf burn, yet is fully ventilated to keep you cool. 
  • Venting on the forearm allows total air circulation and reduces sweating
  • The center elbow section is flexible and forms to your movement
  • Flexible ribbed compression area has been extended into the center forearm surface for added protection against forearm impacts
  • A gel forearm insert has been installed into the forearm pad for the ultimate in comfort.

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