Dye C13 Paintball Pants – 2013

Dye C13 Paintball Pants – 2013

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The all-new Dye C13 Pant is the result of close collaboration among pro athletes, material experts, and designers. Manufactured with features like Breathable Assembly, Pigsticker Protection, and Bombproof Construction. A Hyper-Flex harness-stabilizing back yoke, double stitched flex-paneled ballistic 400 D nylon knees, adjustable waist and cuffs, a reinforced saddle seat, and responsive air-foam padding in sensitive areas.

With double stitching and a mix of 400d and 200d nylon combine to make the new Bomb-Proof C13 our most durable pant. With our 100% 400d nylon knee you are guaranteed the most consistent weave and strength available. Our nylon blend has a higher durability rating than most Kevlar’s out there. With Bomb-Proof Construction you can slide, dive, crawl, and roll with confidence.

Our Old School Fit gear has been inspired by the previous generations of Core pants we have done. The culmination of 10 years of endless testing has allowed us to construct the most functional and advanced gear ever.

A Hyper Flex harness stabilizing back yoke. This helps keep your harness right where you want it.

Our Prevent Breathable Assembly method maximizes airflow throughout your playing gear, keeping air circulating to keep you cool. It is designed to disperse the heat away from all parts of your body. While the Breathable Assembly keeps you cool it also maintains a barrier between you and the elements.

  •     Industrial rivet button
  •     Durable YKK zipper
  •     Air foam crotch protection
  •     Custom DYE 50/50 lycra-nylon crotch venting
  •     Ballistic double stitched 400d & 200d knee protection
  •     Adjustable waist with smaller hip buckle
  •     Tournament air dry loop
  •     Hyper flex yoke featuring dye’s custom venting
  •     Pigsticker 200d hip protection
  •     Dual fuzzy stick pockets
  •     Reinforced triple stitched saddle seat
  •     Inside and Rear nylon Prevent venting to keep you cool
  •     Adjustable drawstring ankle cuffs

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