DXS Blaze Paintballs – 2000 Rounds

DXS Blaze Paintballs – 2000 Rounds

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  • Recommended Use: Woodsball & Scenario games
  • Robust, foliage penetrating balls.
  • Printed patterns and tactical shell colors for easy concealment.
  • Consistent accuracy.
  • Less affected by windy conditions.
  • Bright fill for visible marking.
  • Consistent accuracy.
  • bright, easy-clean fill.
  • Maximum splat coverage upon impact.
  • Foliage penetrating shell in tactical colors.
  • Tactical shell colors for concealment or tracing needs.
  • Uncompromising quality: the most pure, high quality ingredients.

is a proprietary high-tech blending and aging process that combines the
legendary DRAXXUS FILL chemical properties with X-BALLs SHELL
aerodynamic properties to consistently produce a paintball that flies
longer, straighter, and delivers an accurate, undeniable marking.

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