DLX Luxe 2.0 Power Core

DLX Luxe 2.0 Power Core

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The Luxe Power Core 2.0 Upgrade Kit upgrades the internals of your Luxe or Luxe 1.5 to the new and improved Luxe 2.0 internals. This quick and easy drop in kit drastically increases the performance of an already great paintball gun.

Easy access fire chamber – The easiest to maintain luxury paintball marker just got even easier! The Luxe power core still provides the fastest access to both the bolt and valve system of any tournament marker. New cut-outs in the Luxe 2.0 fire chamber increase staged gas volume to protect against shoot-down while providing easier access to the chamber’s internal o-rings.

Bolt Return Spring – Inside the nose of the Luxe 2.0 bolt is a small spring which stores excess energy from the bolt’s return stroke and releases it right when it is needed, as the bolt overcomes friction to begin its forward motion. The result is an immediate reduction in first-shot drop.

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