Dangerous Power M3-A1 Paintball Gun

Dangerous Power M3-A1 Paintball Gun

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Dangerous Power is entering the Milsim/Tactical paintball world with their new M3-A1 milsim paintball gun. The DP M3-A1 marker is a 3D milled marker completely made out of metal (except buttstock) for the body that gives the marker it’s ergonomics and realistic feel to the gun. The M3-A1 is a spool valve marker that gives the marker it’s quiet firing assembly, low recoil action and unbelievable accuracy! The Dual Core Integrated bolt system combines the bolt and inline regulator to one piece, this allows the marker to be a hoseless design that helps prevent the hose getting caught in the woods but also increase it’s realistic appearance. The buttstock is adjustable for length as you can adjust the marker to be at a comfortable length, shorten it if you are playing CQB or completely removed if you want to have the marker just hanging off the sling. The M3-A1 is electronically controlled from the internal circuit board, you are able to program how you want the marker to shoot or change firing modes: Semi Automatic, Burst, PSP3, NXL and Millenium. With the marker being electronically controlled, the marker has a break beam eye system that senses if a ball is in the breech readied to be fire that can prevent messy internal paintball breaks that causes inaccurate shots. The marker is littered with weaver rails along the top of the marker, sides of the shroud and even at the bottom of the shroud. The weaver attachements gives users the ability to attach lasers, flashlights, red dot sights and even fore grip to help increase accuracy and give you that tactical edge on the field. Pick up this marker and instantly feel that this marker has been designed and made for the woods but with all the technology/performance of a speeball gun in one tight package.


  • New Dangerous Power 2012 M3-A1 marker is made for the woods giving a realistic milsim feel and look that will intimidate your opponents
  • All metal construction body frame, shroud and grip frame gives the marker a realistic look and feel
  • Spool Valve firing assembly reduces kick, sound signature and gives players a high accurate shot
  • Adjustable buttstock accomdates players with different arm lengths or can be completely removed if you want the gun to hang off a sling
  • Metal Iron sights with find adjustments help players line up their shots for accurate shooting on the field
  • Weaver rails all over the marker tactically place so you can attach lasers, fore grips, red dots/scopes that gives your gun an added tactical edge on the field
  • Gas thru design gives the marker that realistic look and prevent the hose from getting caught on the terrain during game time
  • 2 Sling mounts so you can easily attach your slings on the marker wtihout needing to McGuyver something together
  • Electronic firing control includes several modes: Semi Automatic, NXL, Millenium, Burst and PSP3
  • Marker capable of firing 25bps letting you spray your opponents all at once or keep them hiding in their bunkers
  • Metal offset feedneck prevents the marker/feedneck from being easily damaged if you take a hard dive on the field
  • Adjustable trigger gives you the ability to make your gun feel exactly like how you want it
  • LED indicator shows if the marker is on and allows for easy programing 
  • Fully servicable solenoid lets users take care of their own internals instead of spending more money/time with paintball techs
  • Break Beam eyes system senses if a ball is ready to be shot in the breech, this helps prevent chopping issues in the gun that causes a majority of accuracy issues

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