Crossfire 70/4500 Nitro Tank – Peanut – 70ci 4500psi – SPECIAL 899


Crossfire 70 ci 4500psi Peanut Tank. IN STOCK NOW !!!

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We are one of the only stores I know of that actually has these IN STOCK!!

Want a nitro / compressed air tank for your paintball gun but don’t want a long tank? The Crossfire fiber wrapped 70 cubic inch 4500psi tank is called a Stubby or Peanut. It is called a Stubby or Peanut because it has a larger diameter in the center of the tank and less length overall. This tank is about 1/2in shorter than a 45/4500. Compact size for the front player and plenty of capacity to play mid.

The Crossfire 70ci 4500psi air tank will supply about 1500+ shots depending on your paintball gun.

This tank comes with a low or high pressure regulator. If you had a low pressure gun such as an Ion or Intimidator, you would want a low pressure tank. If you had a high pressure gun such as a Tippmann or Spyder, you would want a high pressure tank. If you have a low pressure tank on a high pressure gun it will still work, but just not as efficiently.

  • Preset regulator set to 750 – 850 psi for High Pressure and 450 for Low Pressure.
  • 4500 psi Gauge
  • Super-light weight fiber wrap
  • Fills with compressed air or nitrogen
  • Screws right into any standard paintball gun
  • Crossfire = Best preset screw in tanks on the market
  • Weight 3.05 lbs. Diameter 4.25" Length 10.5

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Weight 8 lbs


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