BT Delta Upgrade Kit

BT Delta Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your Game! Take your BT-4 and give it an authentic military look with the Delta Elite Upgrade Kit. The Delta Elite Upgrade kit will take your marker from a stock BT-4 and transform it into a complete BT Delta Elite marker, with its authentic submachine gun styling and the unique Apex barrel. Add the Rip Clip and E-Grip and you’ll complete the Delta Elite package. The Kit contains barrel with shroud, stock, magazine, top shroud and new clamp elbow. Begin with a standard BT-4 or any of its variants and modify it into the submachine gun used by Special Forces around the world. 

Features Include:

  • Fits any BT-4 model marker

  • Authentic SMG styling

  • Apex Ready Barrel (Apex Tip Not Included)

  • Collapsible stock

  • Magazine, Picatinny mounted

  • Picatinny mount Clamp Elbow with shroud

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Weight 1 lbs

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