Belsales Autococker 44 Magnum High Flow Nexus Ram


Super fast and smooth…

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  • The 44 Magnum is ultra slick, due to its burnished and polished bore.
  • Two 10-32 ports at the end so you can mount Q.E.V’s or choose were to mount the nipples. comes with 2×10-32 nipples and 1×10-32 port plug.
  • New SS extreme high flow nipples, for increased gas transfer.
  • Polished lightweight alloy piston with single o-ring to reduce friction.
  • Custom bumpers with radial air grooves.
  • Features a larger than stock ram-rod, which as well as being stronger, also lowers the closing force of the ram to reduce breaking brittle paint.
  • These rams are just amazing, 19.2 bps full auto for 4 hours and they are still as slick as a brand new one.
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