ANS Carbon Fiber SL Tank w/ Myth Regulator – 68/4500 08

ANS Carbon Fiber SL Tank w/ Myth Regulator – 68/4500 08

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ANS is proud to release 4 new air systems! This is an ANS 68 cubic inch 4500PSI Inocom bottle with both DOT and TC stamp, which means this tank can be used in both the United States and Canada. This light weight air tank combined with the Myth™ regulator will give you the most shots with the least total weight. The complete air system weighs in at only 2.25 pounds and is a total length of 10.5 inches from the back of the bottle to the front of the regulator. The bottle itself has an ultra thin circumference of only 14 inches making it one of the smallest and most compact air systems to ever hit the market.

The Myth™ regulator included on this air system is a mid pressure with an output of 650 PSI and weights in at only 3.2 ounces. This small and compact regulator is the lightest and one of the most reliable regulators on the market. This regulator is backed by a full manufacturer warranty directly through Guerrilla Air™.

Our unique TC and DOT approved tank caters to both the US and Canadian players. Our goal was not only to bring the best paintball tanks to Canada, but to the United States as well. The TC/DOT stamp on this tank allows it to be filled under both United States as well as Canadian regulations. The bottle has an unheard of 5 year full warranty directly through ANS Xtreme.

This complete air system gets an average of 1200 shots per full fill depending on the gun and the way it is setup. The shot average has been calculated by measuring the total number of shoots attained by running an array of markers with stock manufacturer settings. This Tank brings affordable performance back to paintball.


* Light Weight Compact Bottle
* Super Small Regulator
* About 1200 Shots Per Fill
* 5 Year Warranty On Bottle
* 650 PSI Output
* DOT & TC Approved
* Weighs Only 2.25 Pounds
* 10.5 Inches Total Length

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