ANS Blackout Adjustable Compressed Air Tank Regulator – 4500 PSI

ANS Blackout Adjustable Compressed Air Tank Regulator – 4500 PSI

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The regulator adjusts your output pressure from 850 to 450 or even 650 PSI!

The ASTM compliant (F2030, F2653-07, F1750-05) regulator is proud to be machined, tested and assembled in the United States. This easily serviceable regulator features a durable brass bonnet to eliminate wear or chips on the threads of the tank. The regulator comes with a standard output of 850 PSI but can easily be changed to either 650 or 450 PSI. The blackout system comes with unique all black fittings which include a black gauge, fill nipple and burst disks.

ANS has gone above and beyond the safety standards of the industry to bring you the safest paintball regulator to ever hit the market. The one piece burst disks are all ASTM compliant, DOT guideline assembled and DOT guideline tested. The regulator stem has multiple 3 pressure releases which takes the safety of the system to the next level. First, we have two pressure release grooves on the regulator stem designed to release air pressure from the bottle if it would ever start to unscrew. Second, we have a unique bleed hole in the regulator stem which will allow the tank to safely vent in case of any mishap. Finally there is a restrictor at the base of the regulator to ensure the regulator can be safely removed from the tank.

The regulator is built with all urethane o-rings to ensure long life on all seals and moving parts. The blackout gauge has a pressure fit snubber to protect the gauge from rapid fill and has a safety bleed hole to ensure the safety of the overall tank. The blackout fill nipple is hardened to ASTM standards and has been plated to resist corrosion and wear.

Each regulator is assembled and tested with 4500 PSI of air and checked for leaks.


* Adjustable Regulator (450, 650 & 850 PSI Outputs)
* Change Your Regulator Pressure In Under 20 Seconds
* Regulator is ASTM compliant to F2030, F2653-07, F1750-05
* Blackout Parts (Black Gauge, Fill Nipple & Burst Disks)

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