ACP PT Extreme Lightened Stainless Steel and Delrin Striker

ACP PT Extreme Lightened Stainless Steel and Delrin Striker

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This striker will fit all Spyder’s that use the slim style “11/16 inch” striker and the VS1. A simple test for striker size: the slim style striker is almost exactly the same size as the marker barrel. If it will gently glide into the barrel (use the end with the threads) the slim style is the correct size for your marker. It will also fit the Gameface Vexor, Vexor Eye, PT Extreme, and the Icon. The striker weighs 40 grams. The core is made from stainless steel and is hardened to reduce wear. It is sleeved with delrin and is available with o-ring (ideal for low pressure application) or without an o-ring (maintenance free) on the pressure end. Striker choice also includes with or without cocking hole option, only choose “with cocking hole” option if your marker cocks from the side rather than from the top or rear. The striker has shown that on most markers it will increase velocity by an average of about 25 FPS or allow markers with regulators to use a lower input pressure.

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