ACP Icon Velocity Booster Kit

ACP Icon Velocity Booster Kit

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This is a velocity booster kit for the Spyder/TES/Rebel/Piranha/Dragun/ICON style markers. This kit will fit any Spyder except the EM-1. The kit will also work on any Spyder clone that uses a 1/4″ diameter spring guide. The kit consists of 3 different sized spacers that are slipped over the spring guide to increase spring tension. The small spacer gives about 20+ F.P.S, the medium about 30+ F.P.S., and the large one about 40+ F.P.S.. This kit does not require any tools or extra parts for installation, and gets rid of any guess-work…it’s simple bigger spacer = more velocity. This kit also eliminates the need for a spring kit, but can be used in conjunction with one for fine tuning velocity. Remember to re-chrongraph the marker after making any changes to the velocity.

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