Smart Parts SP1 & SP8

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  • GOG eNVy Blackheart Board


  • Patent Pending Kila Products LLC Instinct TM magnetic detent technology now available for the new SP-8, VIBE, EOS and SP-1 markers.

  • The Virtue Vibe Redefined board comes loaded with the standard high end Virtue Redefined Software and features a dedicated user-selectable eye mode and eye port that allows you to upgrade your Vibe or SP1 with future eye upgrades.

  • New 2008 car stock for sp1 marker, 6 position stock, aluminum internals, sure durable and light weight. LIFETIME WARRANTY COVER BY BAD HABITZ PAINTBALL INC.

  • Trinity SP1 and Vibe Roller Bearing Trigger. Super fast trigger pull, designed with a perfect shape to increase your rate of fire ,roller bearing trigger style. Designed out of lightweight aluminum... Lifetime warranty ...

  • Trinity SP1 and Vibe T-Lock Adapter: Allows the use of any ion t-lock in your sp1 or vibe marker, super light aluminum construction. THIS IS ADAPTER ONLY, T-LOCK NOT INCLUDED.