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  • DM8 Continuous Flow Plug

  • The proven Hyper regulator design has been greatly improved. Now introducing the Hyper3™ in-line regulator. This new design is sleeker, smaller, more consistent and offers more precise increments of adjustment. We’ve taken in-line regulators to the next level. Our new shim stack is more responsive and reacts quicker to pressure changes allowing better flow and…

  • Violent Trigger 4 DYE DM6-DM7 Trauma Edition

  • Virtue DM/SLG Laser Eye -Get Virtue's advanced eye technology for your DM4/5/C/6/7/8 and Proto SLG. Customize your Matrix with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology and reliability to your gun.

  • The Tadao DM7/8 Universal Ultralite board is a drop-in upgrade for any Ultralite frame equipped marker. Both cable and ribbon style eye sockets are included, making the board compatible with the DM8, DM7, DM6, DM5, Proto M8, Proto M7, Proto M6, and Proto Matrix Rail. No additional adapters or modifications are necessary.

  • The Musashi 6 chip for the DM4, DM5, and DM5 is a drop-in replacement for the stock microcontroller. The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic paintball marker, and upgrading it can potentially change all the performance characteristics.

  • CP DM7 Continuous Flow Plug

  • Virtue Paintball membrane switch for dm4, dm5, dmc, dm6, or ion

  • DM6 Rake Trigger for Dye Marker. Unmatched speed and reliability... (Click picture for description)