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Virtue Redefined Board -Value Added Program - SPECIAL

Virtue Redefined Board -Value Added Program - SPECIAL

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The Virtue board is reduced to $75 for all Virtue Redefined Boards when sold with a new gun of the same model. The regular MSRP for Virtue Redefined Boards is usually $115-135; however, with this program, you receive a between a $40-$65 discount on a Virtue board when buying a new gun at the same time.

How it works? You buy a gun from us, we remove/keep the stock board, and you receive a Virtue redefined board. It's that simple!

A redefined virtue board will increase the performance of your gun.

Now featuring 2 new modes: Select-A-Mode and Training Mode. Instantly flip through modes on the fly using the rear button in Select-A-Mode or use Training Mode to increase your rate of fire in semi-auto and provide you with feedback on how fast you are shooting.

The most advanced upgrade in paintball.

Barrels, bolts, triggers...the same old upgrades, using the same old technology. Virtue is the only upgrade that actually replaces your gun's engine, improving performance at every level. Virtue is the only accessory in paintball guarenteed to UPGRADE your gun's engine.

Virtue’s advanced trigger and eye logic ensure your marker will be the fastest on the field, while never breaking a ball, even in straight semi-auto. And Virtue’s fully adjustable modes, place virtually an infinite number of firing capabilities at your finger tips.

But don’t take our word for it. All Virtue boards are backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus if you order from your board comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Key Features

  • Completely redesigned and updated components from the stock board, including a faster processor.
  • Improve performance and reliability with the all new Sear Timing & Anti-Jam Compensation settings.
  • New Select-A-Mode and Training Mode
  • Simple trigger programming
  • 9 fully adjustable base modes, w/ thousands of ramp modes
  • Fully adjustable, unlimited, Max Rate of Fire
  • 15, 11, and 13 BPS Ready
  • 100% tournament legal (NPPL, PSP, NXL, CFOA, Millennium)
  • Advanced Virtue Eye & Trigger Logic
  • Adjustable debounce & mechanical bounce (AMB)
  • Adjustable sear timing, eye sensitivity, anti jam compensation & more
  • Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
  • Low battery indicator and power efficient software
  • Forced shot
  • Brighter multicolor LED
  • Instant on with power saving 10 minute idle auto shutoff
  • Lifetime warranty & lifetime software upgrades

No software has more options or adjustability than Virtue. Not only does Virtue offer more features, but every setting is fully adjustable, meaning you can create thousands of modes on your own and customize your board just how you want it. Virtue starts with 7 base modes of fire, each of which can be customize to your settings, including the Ramp Mode, putting thousands of fun modes at your fingertips.

Training Mode (new):

The Training mode is to train to improve your rate of fire. Eyes are disabled, the firing mode is set to semi auto, and the dwell is bottomed out to reduce noise and air usage. Practice tapping the trigger as fast as possible. Once you stop pulling the trigger for 1 second, the software will calculate your peak rate of fire for the string. The LED indicator will display you your peak rate of fire by flashing teal and purple. Teal indicates the 10?s column, and purple indicates the 1?s column. Ex) 15bps is 1 flash teal and 5 flashes purple; 9bps would be 0 teal flashes and 9 purple flashes. The LED will not flash until you shoot again.

Select-A-Mode (new):

When in Select-A-Mode you can use the grip frame button to cycle through firing modes. When you turn the gun on and first tap either grip button, the LED will flash the number of times of the mode you are in. Then tap the button to advance to the next firing mode. The LED will blink purple the number of times as the current mode you are in. By default, Select-A-Mode starts out in Semi Auto when you turn the gun on. Use the buttons on the grips to instantly cycle forward and backwards through all of Virtue?s firing modes (training mode excluded). When you restart the marker Select-A-Mode remembers the previous mode and will automatically start in that mode.

Semi Auto:

NPPL Legal Semi Automatic Fire;1 trigger pull equals 1 shot. Virtue’s enhanced trigger sensitivity, combined with advanced eye logic give Virtue the fastest semi-auto mode in paintball.

Fully Adjustable Ramp Mode (thousands of ramping options):

Set your gun to ramp exactly how you want it. Control when the ramping starts, how much it ramps by as well as the maximum rate of fire. You set the ramp activation speed, ramp percentage, and max rate of fire. The only fully adjustable Ramp Mode with thousands of ramping options.

Breakout Mode:

Turn the gun on and the first shot will shoot full auto for as long as you hold down the trigger. Once you release the trigger the gun goes into Ramp Mode and ramps based on your settings. The full auto on first pull does not repeat until you restart your marker.

PSP Ramping:

PSP Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. After the 4th shot the marker ramps to the rate of fire your "Max Rate of Fire" is set to. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.

NXL Style Full Auto:

NXL Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. On the 4th shot hold down the trigger, and the marker will shoot full auto at your Max Rate of Fire. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.

Auto Response:

1 shot on the pull of the trigger; 1 shot on the release. This setting will make you shoot twice as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Full Auto:

Hold down the trigger, and the marker will fire at your max rate of fire, or as fast as your loader can feed.

Compatible with: Your Chosen Gun
Max rate of fire: Unlimited*
Modes of fire 7 fully adjustable base modes with thousands of ramping modes
Battery life: 50,000+ shots

Battery type: 9 volt
Battery connection: stock battery harness

Processor type: enhanced, micro-processor
Programming light: multicolor LED
Dip switches: two (15bps cap & tourney lock)

Trigger sensor type: stock lever switch
Buttons: one (on/off & eye operation)

Includes: manual, sticker, carrying case

* Virtue's max rate of fire is fully adjustable, from 10.5bps to unlimitated! The only limitations on how fast you can shoot are the markers internal pneumatics and how fast your hopper will feed.

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